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Free 30 Min Consultation

     What does Holistic Nutrition Mean?

      Holistic nutrition is a wellness approach that supports the whole person physically, emotionally, and mentally. Unlike conventional approaches that focus on isolated physical or emotional “issues,” in holistic nutrition, we believe that everything is connected to everything. We are what we eat, and what we eat affects us on a cellular and emotional level.

      With natural and holistic approaches we support the person's natural ability to heal themselves, by supporting their organs and systems through the proper preparation and consumption of healthy whole foods. We also focus on creating healthy and sustainable long-term behavioral changes so that each individual can meet and maintain their wellness goals. We do this using balanced and natural healthy living approaches that take into account human nature and habit-forming behaviors. We do not believe in fad diets, short cuts, or excessive dietary eliminations, that are not sustainable.

Holistic Nutrition & Wellness Consultations

     What We Do in Our Nutrition and Wellness Consultations

      At Mindful Ways to Wellness we believe that with the proper education and support every person has the innate capacity to heal themselves. This is why we believe in educating each client about the digestive process, healthy food choices, balanced behavioral changes, and healthy shopping, preparing, and storage of food.

      We give our clients all the tools they need to jumpstart their personalized wellness plan so that they can make the best health and wellness decisions for themselves. Whether in-person or online via secure telehealth video software, our nutrition and wellness consultations are packed with common sense, holistic, natural, do-it-yourself approaches so that you learn how to become your own nutritionist. We believe that our approach is like no other, because of how comprehensive, natural, and supportive it is.


     Common Health Improvement Our Clients Experience:

  • Increased day-to-day energy

  • Balanced blood sugar regulation

  • Significant reduction in food cravings

  • Improved quality of sleep

  • Balanced day-to-day mood

  • Decrease in premenstrual symptoms

  • Decreased joint pain

  • Healthy and consistent weight loss

  • Significant decrease in a variety of autoimmune symptoms

  • Elimination of bloating, gassiness, constipation, diarrhea, and other GI issues

  • Increased absorption of nutrients and overall improvement to the digestive tract

     Here is what you can expect in our sessions:

  1. An in-depth history and background review of your overall past and present health and wellness.

  2. Including an exploration of your current eating habits to establish what habits need improvement. This information allows the client to make a plan of action that is appropriate to them.

  3. Each client fills out a wellness, nutrition, and symptom tracker, which is an in-depth assessment tool that objectively factors all the behaviors and symptoms and aids the client in determining which body systems, organ, and nutrient the client needs support with. 

  4. Each client will receive additional resources, tools, and education that helps determine which food or whole food supplement might be best to reach the client's optimal health.

  5. Clients are educated about the functions of nutrients, how to balance their personal diets, shop for the right foods, and prep the right meals.

  6. Each client is supported in making small but sustainable behavioral changes so that they can meet their optimum health and wellness goals.

To Book Your Free, 30-Minute Therapy Consultation.   

Please call 727-489-4888!

      We believe that healthy eating and living should be an intuitive process, the way it has been for thousands of years. In holistic nutrition, we support our clients in developing their own healthy intuitive eating and living habits, by teaching them how to listen to their bodies and educating them on what balance actually means.


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