Fewer Toxins, More Plants: Cooking and Cleaning with Essential Oils

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

Wake up! It’s cleaning day. You know the one? The day where you are tired of looking at piled up dishes. The moment when that scuff on the arm of the couch just has to go, and that dust bunny in the corner calls out to be vacuumed.

No matter what sparks that urge to clean up, inevitably you will jump (or drag your heels) to the task. Cleaning and cooking are tasks that everybody has to do. Some have found ways to enjoy these everyday chores, and others still see them as CHORES!

So when you are faced with a task that MUST be done, how can you take back control? How can you make housework both effective AND enjoyable? The potent power of amazingly fragrant essential oils may be just the ticket!

Why switch to essential oils for cleaning?

Essential oils are the volatile liquids that are distilled from plants. You may have heard of people using lavender oil to relax, or perhaps peppermint oil to cool off. There are hundreds of therapeutic grade oils (taken from natural resources, thoroughly tested, with a high level of purity) available today. Each oil has its own unique characteristics, and many of them contain a variety of naturally-occurring acid and alcohol compounds that have antiseptic properties. So how can you start using essential oils in your life and housekeeping today?

Instead of scrubbing with eye-burning bleach, clothes-staining cleaners, and questionable lists of chemical ingredients, how about the disinfectant power of… wait for it… pure lemon?! How about the aromatic and germ-fighting qualities of oregano? Or the antibacterial and anti-fungal properties of tea tree oil?

If you have trouble believing these natural cleaners will be effective, try suspending old beliefs (some of which have been marketed to you) for just a few moments and remember that you have the ability to CHOOSE. It is easy to disregard something when we don’t understand it. We are sometimes afraid of the unknown. But there is nothing scary about using oils in your home. You won’t know that, though, until you take the time to learn more and try them for yourself.

The best part is you don’t have to learn alone. The team at Mindful Ways to Wellness is ready and excited to share our knowledge about natural products and essential oils with you. Look out on our schedule for upcoming workshops and classes to make your own cleaning and household products using the best and purest essential oils.

Where do I start?

Bringing essential oils into your home is as easy as replacing one toxic item with one natural one. Start small. Try one oil that you are familiar with. Remember WHY you want to use more natural products. From a place of positive intention, it is easier to let go and have FUN with your housework.

There are many benefits to ridding your home of toxic chemicals but it doesn’t have to be a painful process. Using essential oils for cleaning around your home can save you money, space, and stress.

Imagine the feeling of knowing you aren’t using chemicals on your eating surfaces, that your kids can clean with you and enjoy the smell of lavender or orange while helping care for their home. The best part about essential oils is that they are natural and safe. Nature and humans have a lot in common. Humans and synthetic chemicals, not so.